These days, everyone needs to be a leader.

At AG Comms, trusted leadership and great communication is in our DNA, so let us share what we know with you.

We have been delivering these sessions to clients for the last seven years and now for the first time are opening them up for more leaders to get involved. These development sessions and for all leaders and future leaders who are looking to make their next career move.

We also offer bespoke sessions as 121s, private team sessions and as facilitated workshops (delivered as part of a wider meeting and conference).  Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Leaders' Club

For leaders, people managers and communication superstars in the making!

Leading Yourself

Developing your own leadership skills and capabilities.

Leading People & Projects

Developing capabilities to lead your people, projects and business communications.


Leading Change & Transformation

Developing capabilities to lead your people and organisation through times of change.