Extraordinary Teams

Do you need to build a leadership team that quickly delivers the results your stakeholders demand?  Want to unlock the real power and strength of an existing team? Bringing a group of respected leaders or talented professionals together, won’t guarantee team success. You need an ‘Extraordinary Team’.

In this programme we help leaders build teams from scratch and help existing senior teams evaluate their current effectiveness against a number of key result areas, before developing a tailored, practical and business-focused team development programme.  (No raft building here!) Our clients typically work with us to define a programme of continuous improvement over a 6 to 24 month period.

This workshop will help you:

  • Create a team who respect and understand each other, and are bought into the success of the whole team
  • Develop the mindset, skills & strategies to work better with colleagues and customers
  • Understand & optimise the individual and collective strengths & preferences of your team using TMP*
  • Recognise the impact of team brand and reputation and build a plan to reposition this

*we use the highly visual & research based Team Management Profile for this

Created for senior leaders and their teams.

Price for two day workshop – £550 per person

Biohub price for two day workshop – £450 per person

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Your coaches

  • Lisa Birtles
    Lisa Birtles

    Lisa is an experienced leadership coach and organisation development practitioner. She  helps leaders understand that they to achieve business success and retain their best people by engaging, coaching, and developing them. Lisa has extensive experience of successfully designing and delivering a range of coaching, mentoring and practical development programmes for leaders and their teams to build the conditions for success. What sets Lisa  apart from other coaches is her practical and resourceful approach to problem solving and change, and her exceptional ability to nurture strong, trusting partnerships with those she works with. Lisa loves seeing the breakthroughs that come when people grow their understanding of their own and others’ style and preferences at work.

    Specific expertise in:

    • Change leadership
    • Business transformation
    • Reorganisation and reorganisation development
    • HR business partnering

    AG Leaders’ Club programmes:

    • The Coaching Club
    • Extraordinary Teams

    'A well organised session, run by a knowledgeable, authentic and engaging coach. Very inspirational.'

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