The Complete Leader

This one day workshop identifies fundamental communication skills missing within your line manager community. Learn how to improve the way you deliver and embed messages across your organisation, whilst increasing engagement and driving business values and objectives.

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand how to deliver clear leadership messaging
  • Provide you with the tools and techniques to become an excellent communicator and manage challenging conversations effectively
  • Formulate messages which help you engage your team or audience
  • Create messages that align to your business strategy and win the hearts and minds of your audience

Created for all people managers.

Price for one day workshop – £275 per person

Biohub price for one day workshop – £250 per person

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Your coaches

  • Heather Derrick
    Heather Derrick

    Heather is a dynamic, straight talking and engaging coach. She understands how to generate participation, motivating everyone in the room and applies differentiation in her workshops to address individual learning styles. Heather is committed to creating bespoke and practical coaching that can easily be put into practise once back in the workplace. To make sure her coaching is effective, Heather aligns her workshop content to core business values, researching to understand what success would look like for people and their organisation. Over the last 20 years’ Heather has designed and delivered communications and leadership workshops for organisations across Europe, the US, Canada, China, Japan and India. She loves working with diverse audiences and with leaders at all different levels to help develop their capabilities.

    Specific expertise in:

    • Strategic communications
    • External and media communications
    • Leading global matrix organisations

    AG Leaders’ Club workshops:

    • The Impactful Leader
    • The Confident Communicator
    • The Complete Leader

    Clients say:

    ‘Many thanks for hosting such a useful and informative session – it certainly made us stop in our tracks and reflect how we communicate within the business and what we take for granted!’

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