The Motivation Maker

Are you in the dark about how to motivate your team? Not seeing the results you’re expecting? This one day workshop gives insight into motivational theories and teaches the key principles on how to motivate.

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand basic methods to assess what motivates others
  • Consider the different ways people become motivated
  • Apply practical methods to your management approach
  • Act out situational leadership exercises

Created for leaders without any previous management training.

Price for one day workshop – £275 per person

Biohub price for one day workshop – £250 per person

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Your coaches

  • Katie Humes
    Katie Humes

    Katie is a business psychologist and experienced leadership coach. She applies her psychology experience directly to leadership, and has a pragmatic, theory-based approach to coaching and facilitating.  Katie enjoys working with her clients, helping them turn theory into practice, and gets a real buzz from hearing that individuals are seeing a real difference based on the changes they are making. Katie is passionate that the workplace should be somewhere people enjoy being, and works with leaders, managers and individuals with this ultimate aim in mind.

    Specific expertise in:

    • Psychometrics
    • Measuring behaviours
    • Strategic partnering

    AG Leaders’ Club workshops:

    • The Motivation Maker
    • Having THAT conversation

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