The Trusted Leader

Trusted leaders are key to successful change. Through significant times of change, people look to the support and guidance of a leader. This one day workshop helps to identify and develop the key skills needed to make you an effective communicator through times of business reorganisation, merger and acquisition, and large scale transformation.

This workshop will help you:

  • Build personal confidence in the change you are leading
  • Create a convincing “why change” case
  • Take people with you on your change journey
  • Understand and prepare for potential pitfalls

Created for all senior leaders who are actively leading change programmes.

Price for one day workshop – £275 per person

Biohub price for one day workshop – £250 per person

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Your coaches

  • Hugh Stuart-Buttle
    Hugh Stuart-Buttle

    Hugh is an experienced leadership coach specialising in leading and communicating strategic change and employee engagement. His strong results-led approach, combined with brilliant people skills, have enabled thousands of employees to trust in Hugh and join him on their change journey, something he is extremely proud of. Over the last 40 years, Hugh has advised many large global organisations with innovative brand development and reputation management, as well as strategic communications, and he enjoys nothing more than sharing this knowledge and experience with the leaders that he works with.

    Specific expertise in:

    • Leading and communicating strategic change
    • Employee engagement
    • Leading global matrix organisations


    AG Leaders’ Club workshops:

    • The Trusted Leader
    • A Complete Change
    • All Change

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