An extraordinary team needs the right blend of skills, behaviours and communication styles which is where the Team Management Profile (TMP) comes in – says AG Leaders’ Club HR Coach Lisa Birtles.


We all know a successful team boasts a diverse range of personalities and competencies. And that organisations need the right tools to measure – and grow – individual performance, group cohesion and connectivity. Line and project managers are often hired to deliver results quickly, and with good intent they may start driving for these results before fully understanding the skills and motivations of their team. Managers can be left struggling to engage a group of people who have no strong common purpose, goal and values.

As Lisa explains: ‘Teams are put together and expected to hit the ground running, but without a common understanding there is no team! It is critical to invest time to get this right at the outset, because research shows it can improve team financial results by up to a third. I’ve been business partnering and supporting organisational development for over 15 years, and can honestly say that TMP has been one of the most powerful tools at my disposal. I love how it supports an outcome orientated approach to success, championing honesty and trust and empowering leaders and teams to really shine!’.

At AG Comms we have a toolbox of development approaches to grow individual performance, high energy working and a positive organisational culture. We love how TMP delves into team dynamics and gives every member greater self-awareness and understanding. It’s a practical, hands-on approach, helping leaders to identify potential gaps and pitfalls, so everyone can work together effectively, and enjoyably within their very own Extraordinary Team.