Engage, engage! Organisations who believe in the old saying ‘right information … right person … right time’ are much more likely to outperform their peers, says AG Leaders’ Club coach Heather Derrick.

‘Research – and common sense – says getting it right for your people makes good business sense so it’s wise to invest in comms which hit the spot. Today’s employees expect timely, accessible and easily understood information they can connect with, or you’ll be lost at the second sentence! They also need to know the personal impact of whatever it is you’re telling them.

‘Your bottom-line rests on your people, not your processes and systems, nor the latest efficiency drive. People whose employee experience makes them feel connected and interested, or disconnected and disinterested. So, if you want them to sit up and take notice, you must understand what motivates them.

‘All employees ask what’s in it for me? But a growing number of people desire involvement more than they do perks and pay – to play an active role in shaping success. And the tools and messages can make really great use of this strong sense of commitment.

‘It’s not luck when high performing managers excel at engaging their teams – their communications are proactive, positive and purposeful! If issues arise, they work like crazy to avoid disengagement because it could breed resentment, or, worse still, apathy, which can drag a whole team down. They know the difference between being a good manager of people, and a manager who confidently leads his or her people. And as a coach I offer the tangible insights, skills and technology to help them do this.’