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These days, everyone needs to be a leader.  At AG Comms, trusted leadership and great communication is in our DNA - so why not let us share with you what we know? AG Leaders' Club »
Changing Behaviours
We know a thing or two about what makes a happy team – and how to turn wishes into reality. Let us help you make YOUR place a GREAT place to work. Contact us »
Strategic Communications
Let us plan and deliver your campaign from start to finish. We’ve years of experience and a reputation for leadership and collaboration with other suppliers – and lots of happy clients to prove we know what we’re doing! Contact us »
Design & Deliver Campaigns
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Event Design & Delivery
Our team is the best in the business and our ability to make your event stand out is second to none. And who says everyone needs to be in the same place? Ask us about global events across multiple time-zones. Contact us »
Project Management
Successfully delivering exactly what we said, exactly when we said we would is what we’re all about. Let us help you do the same with our best practice, common sense approach to project management. Contact us »
Stakeholder Management
Helping you win friends and influence people – we know all about the importance of getting it right with your stakeholders. Whoever it is and wherever they are, we can help you get your messages across. Contact us »
Employee Recognition
Who said work can’t be fun? We believe that happy employees equal successful businesses. If you share our view, ask us about our tried and tested methods for making your most important assets feel loved. Contact us »

What We Do

Our team members have delivered communication strategies, culture change, leadership coaching and training programmes for AstraZeneca, Janssen, Zenith Technologies, Moderna, Nissan, RBS, Deutsche Bank, UCB Pharmaceutical, Muller and Volvo.

We work as part of a collaborative team to deliver engagement events with The Medical Research Council, Karolinska University, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cancer Research UK, Manchester Science Partnerships, Xerox, AstraZeneca and MedImmune.

We lead global employee recognition programmes for a research organisation of 10,000+ employees. From defining the behaviours to producing the live virtual award ceremonies across four continents, we take care of the whole project.

It was a delight working with Mike Wright. Mike absolutely understood the remit, and really brought a flat remit into life, gave it wings, 3D. He really understood the need to keep the language simple, yet give the comms life and energy. Exceeded my expectation.

Mike did a fantastic job of delivering at short notice and bringing the original brief to life! Really positive feedback from stakeholders on the final product!

A dedicated, knowledgable friendly team committed to getting the best result for every project.

Its a pleasure to work with AG Comms - they spend the time to really understand what you are trying to achieve and then provide options to achieve that result - many of which you would never have thought of!

Been great working with AG comms members on various streams of work. I've been really impressed with their knowledge and expertise, commitment to getting stuff done and they all have been really collaborative and great to work with!

AG Leaders' Club - Improving Your Resilience workshop

A well organised session, run by a knowledgeable, authentic and engaging coach. Very inspirational.  

Simon Hallows, Director Parker Design

We did something astonishing with AG Communications! It may look like we created a few recorded presentations, but it was really about shaping the identity of Quality Assurance (QA) and peoples perception of quality. With the animations, we’ve taken another step towards everyone in QA aligning to speaking with one voice. We use the animations when opening meetings, which gives an ‘oomph’ to who we are, and drives the impact. We had a great collaboration with Mike, I really liked his way of condensing information and making use of the creativity, as well as challenging back in our discussions so that we carved out something that became better in every iteration. We have all reason to be proud of what we created.


Martin Simán, Strategic Advice at AstraZeneca

I wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for the work AG Communications and Heather has delivered for the GMD Bangalore project leading up to a spectacular and memorable event this week. This has been a complex project with multiple, sometimes pretty challenging stakeholders in several locations. Heathers firm hand on the structuring and delivery of this event has been absolutely incredible, including shuffling SE/UK government officials and a big team around on time, delivering scripts and execution of external media plan resulting in ~10 published articles in Indian media, and the list goes on.   All while being her cool self, much appreciated by all senior stakeholders. Thanks again. Truly impressive piece of work!    

Maria Skaring, Senior Director Business and Strategy Planning

"After a very energising ‘All Hands’ meeting, brainstorming thoughts on ‘our future’ and collaborating in real time with my colleagues across four countries, my take away was “Team work makes my dream work!” It has been two of the best days I have experienced in my 42 year career – special thanks to Heather Derrick and The AG Comms Team for making this happen and giving us a remarkable and step-changing experience!"

Erna Small, Senior Administrator

"Working in collaboration with AG Comms is highly recommended. Not only did they make a difficult task seem easy, I actually learned a lot, which is the best outcome I could of hoped for. All the AG Comms team are consummate professionals, insightful, highly knowledgeable, and they have a real passion for what they do. There’s a really diverse mix of specialisms and skill sets amongst the team, each bringing their own unique character and knowledge to the table. This means they can bring comprehensive solutions to any set of challenges and objectives, adding real value to the work they do and the people around them. A pursuit of quality and accuracy also comes through from every member of the team and on top of this they are really lovely people to work with. Would I work with them again? Oh yeah!"

Mark Bowers, Creative Director

"Lucy Atkinson provided great support to the creation and delivery of the communications strategy in a complex, cross-functional project. Her ability to provide rapid and deep insights into the challenge coupled with practical and flexible solutions were invaluable."

Ian Waldron, Global Change Lead

"Lynne is a very commercially focused communications expert, who drives performance to deliver every time. Lynne’s experience from multiple blue chip companies shines through and I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynne and AG Communications."

Geoff Cawley, Associate Director Human Resources, Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

"Lynne is an absolute expert in her field who consistently delivers to the highest of standards. She always remains focused on the needs of the customer and has a careful eye for detail. She is a pleasure to work with."

Jo Yeaman, Strategic Advisor

"Lynne has an excellent understanding of the strategic side of an event and is able to translate detailed client content into engaging, impactful information for a global audience. She is focused on ensuring the content is approved and agreed by the client in a timely fashion. This is a great support to me in my role as Executive Producer during pre production and much appreciated by the entire production team on site."

Alie Tilley, Executive Producer, Global Events

"Lynne is one of the most enthusiastic people I have worked with and she has the ability to carry on this enthusiasm to a whole team. She believes in what she is doing and can convince a team to deliver in the most amazing way."

Maria Stålbrand, Global Conferencing Team, AstraZeneca, Sweden

"As communications experts go, you’ll struggle to find many better! Having collaborated on many projects with Lynne, her insight, drive and ability to make things happen are second to none. Lynne’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious, making working with her and her team enjoyable, rewarding and importantly, fun. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Lynne – take it!"

Simon Hallows, Director, Parker Design

"What has stood out for me when working with AG Communications has been their truly creative solutions and their off the scale professionalism. A fun team to partner with who is committed to doing the very best job possible."

Kate Lye, KLI Consulting

"Lynne makes things happen. She is creative, resourceful, tenacious and resilient, with the authority, talent and experience to galvanise a diverse team of experts into action to deliver impactful events and communications."

Lisa Blockley, Communications Director, Global Medicines Development, AstraZeneca