People power – Time to revisit your organisational culture to attract and retain top talent? Then surround yourself with inspirational people and make sure you involve them says AG Comms HR consultant Elizabeth Hardy.

Employee development may be a priority, but if you don’t embrace the unique abilities of each individual, you’re not shifting your culture from imposition to invitation. ‘Forward thinking companies have a growing appetite for involvement,’ she explains. ‘They listen to and genuinely engage their colleagues, and by investing in engaging surveys, employee recognition programmes and flexible performance review processes they will attract and retain the right people.’

As part of the AG Comms virtual network, Elizabeth uses her broad HR experience to help organisations develop tangible solutions and create their vision of people management excellence. ‘A collaborative approach makes business sense – building relationships and working together during any change process ensures employees are onboard and involved, and co-creating an insight-driven ‘conscious culture’ prevents change apathy,’ she says.

Inspired managers rely on more than skills and values acquired on the job, explains Elizabeth. They need to learn from great role models through training, coaching and support. ‘I partner with organisations to give them the confidence and guidance to inspire the right positive culture needed for success. I help businesses to evolve and grow by investing in their most valuable asset – people – aided by the skilful adoption of the right practices. It is so rewarding to see my partners grow in confidence and awareness as they apply new methods to build strong, connected teams.’