Why can’t we continue to work with C-Suite leaders on a more flexible basis? With the right team and likeminded members, we do at AG Comms.

Yes, we are a communications agency, but not in the traditional sense. AG Comms is a collective of virtually networked specialist employee and change communicators, committed and excited to deliver outstanding communications. We partner with our clients to bring them creative solutions that help them drive their business objectives and change. And we do this by designing the most effective teams from our group of specialists on a project by project basis.

It was important for me to create something special and to approach things differently when I founded AG Comms. I was determined to prove that amazing professionals who wanted more than a conventional employee structure, could, collectively, still work on the best client projects and with the most senior leaders, on a flexible or more ad hoc basis to support their busy lives.

In 2009 I was faced with relocation or redundancy from my role in corporate communications. My daughter was only three weeks old and my husband had just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I needed to make a change. I had a vision to create a flexible, global agency, and work with likeminded professionals who were dedicated and passionate about delivering outstanding results for their clients. And so in 2010, out of those challenging life events, AG Comms was born.

It’s definitely the way that we do it that makes us different: our ability to share expertise and responsibilities across multiple projects, whilst as engaged or embedded as the very best in-house team. You will find us working both remotely and on site with clients where we can be highly responsive and readily available, adapting to cover projects, events, locations, time zones, and audiences. It’s because we have the agility to work this way that we can lead and deliver such huge global programmes seamlessly in complex matrix organisations.

At AG Comms we are honest, pragmatic, practical, and outcome orientated in our approach, and we understand the importance of measuring the success of every project we work on, adapting and learning from everything we experience. We get excited about challenging project boundaries, always offering clients new innovative ideas, and do it with our straight talking but fun and friendly work ethic.

Our AG Member Team has grown from two to just over thirty since 2010, and our first client remains our biggest to this day. We believe this loyalty demonstrates just how successful our agile structure is, and the positive impact it has on the projects we can deliver for our clients all over the world!

And that’s something I’m extremely proud of.

Lynne Ashcroft Griffiths – Founder, AG Comms